It also has a totally new designed layout making

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It also has a totally new designed layout making

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How New Technology Could Impact the Lorries of the Freight Industry Business Articles | July 29 Giants Evan Engram Jersey , 2016
Self-driving cars, once the province of science fiction, are coming ever-closer to everyday life. While fully autonomous vehicles are currently in the prototype stage, autonomous features Giants Saquon Barkley Jersey , such as eme...

Self-driving cars, once the province of science fiction, are coming ever-closer to everyday life. While fully autonomous vehicles are currently in the prototype stage, autonomous features Giants Lawrence Taylor Jersey , such as emergency braking and adjustments to ensure that the vehicle stays in its lane, are already in use in existing vehicles. Like almost any new technology in this field, developments in vehicle autonomy are likely to be snapped up first by early-adopting haulage and courier firms. So what developments can we expect in the industry?

What Features Can We Expect in the Near Future?

By 2020, we can expect autonomous emergency braking and other autonomous features to be standard among logistics operators Black Darius Slayton Jersey , although this new technology will come in the form of driver assists rather than full autonomy. Widespread adoption of near-full or full autonomy (self-driving cars) will likely take a few more years at least. Meanwhile, we can prepare by ensuring that our fleets have the correct training and guidelines to use this technology safely.

What Do We Need to Be Aware of?

Much like any other new technology, we need to know how to use autonomous features correctly, and how to ensure that they work as planned. A big part of this is hardware and software maintenance. Much the same as with any other software Black Julian Love Jersey , ensuring that everything is frequently updated should be a part of regular vehicle maintenance, and on the hardware side of things, any autonomous systems need to be regularly checked to ensure that all of the components are in good condition.

A big part of both the software and hardware side of things is calibration: the software needs to be able to get an accurate read from the hardware at all times, and a seemingly small calibration error can completely throw off features such as lane keep assist. Therefore Black Oshane Ximines Jersey , all members of a fleet need to be well-versed in all necessary guidelines and the risks involved in shirking them. Worryingly, research indicates that 68% of drivers neglect to calibrate even when a calibration is offered and they are informed of the safety risks, so proper safety guidelines and training are absolutely vital when introducing this new technology.

How Will New Technology Benefit the Industry?

First and foremost, autonomous driving features have the potential to make our fleets Black Deandre Baker Jersey , as well as all other road users, that much safer. This will also pay dividends in the form of lower insurance premiums and reduced hostility among other road users. As features improve, we may also see improvements in efficiency, smooth engine operation and carbon emissions Black Dexter Lawrence Jersey , which will help keep the industry ahead of climate change reduction targets and keep fuel and maintenance costs down.

Autonomous features have great potential for the industry: they may help keep profits up and overheads down while also ensuring that all road users are as safe as possible. However, their introduction must be met with appropriate training and understanding of the risks and maintenance involved, in order to ensure that these features are as safe and as useful as they can be.

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